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ISIS i pret dorën me hanxhar një hajduti (kujdes foto me përmbajtje të rëndë)

Arkiva, Planet

Militantët e Shtetit Islamik kanë publikuar disa foto, duke i prerë dorën një personi të akuzuar për vjedhje. Në sy të turmës, ku ka fëmijë, ata ia presin dorë me një hanxhar…


Gruesome: ISIS militants released photos of the accused thief being blindfolded and his wrist tied with a tourniquet before having his hand lopped off in the terror group's warped version of justiceSome small mercy: Next an ISIS soldier uses a bandage to wrap up his bleeding woundBefore the sentencing, the images show baying crowds of onlookers, including some young children, surrounding the table while a fighter appears to read out the chargesFearsome: A squadron of armed ISIS militants control the crowds during the sickening amputation Earlier this year, ISIS released a document on social media, explaining the rules of Islamic State penal code, which is being brutally enforced across ISIS-held territory in Syria and IraqWarped: A document which apparently contains the charges laid against the alleged thief

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