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FOTO/ Hyni brenda burgut më të madh në Europë. E ka ndërtuar Putin

Arkiva, Planet

Ky është burgu më i madh në Evropë dhe është ndërtuar në qytetin e lindjes së Vladimir Putin, në Shën Petersburg të Rusisë. 

Prej këtu arratisja duket e pamundur. 

Ky burg do të mbajë 4 mijë të burgosur dhe raportohet se do të zëvendësojë burgun famëkeq, ku mbaheshin të burgosurit politikë, mes tyre edhe revolucionari Leon Trotsky./LAPSI.AL/

The new prison (pictured), named Kresty-2 after its predecessor, is capable of holding 4,000 inmates and is Europe's largest jailThe vast structure was built at a cost of £115million and is capable of holding 4,000 men and women inmatesThe prison has been described as the 'cosiest' of all prisons in Russia and a 'five-star jail' due to its underfloor heating and other comfortsThe facility will have two classes of inmates, with up to 400 of the 4,000 total prisoners allowed privileges for working jobsThe country's prison service bosses say the jail will be the most modern in Europe and is designed to fit with 'European standards'The massive project was announced nine years ago after a review of its predecessor, Kresty, found the jail to be vastly overpopulatedPictured is a typical dormitory cell in one of the prison blocks, where certain prisoners will be allowed to share a relatively spacious roomThose who live in the dormitories (pictured) qualify for such privileges by working as housekeepers or taking on other jobs in the facilityPictured is a typical shower block inside the brand new prison. Remarkably, the facility also includes a museum and concert hallThe prison has been constructed to replace Kresty, a grim prison currently holding 1,150 inmates which dates back to the 1730sBy the mid 1990s, the original Kresty held more than 12,500 inmates - more than ten times its capacity. Pictured is the bathroom of its replacement, on the outskirts of St PetersburgPrison chiefs boast that it is 'impossible to escape' from Kresty-2 (pictured). Inmates are due to begin arriving in the coming weeks