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Krishtlindjet, nga Vatikani në plazhet e Australisë


Këto foto tregojnë kremtimin e Krishtlindjeve në vende të ndryshme të botës, nga Vatikani në plazhet e Australisë 

Residents - including this group of five - were spotted enjoying the surf and sun as temperatures hit 23C in Australia on Christmas morning

A family was captured taking selfies in the water at Sydney's Bondi Beach on Christmas Day David who is in Sydney from London caught some waves at the beach on Christmas Day  This family spent Christmas Day swimming at Sydney's Bondi Beach making the most of the sunny weather Many decided to do a little bit of exercise on Christmas Day morning, with this group of four men choosing incredibly small shorts to go surfing in in Australia  Joggers dressed in shorts and T-shirts run in Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, on Christmas Eve as temperatures hit more than 23C Ron Nachem from Bondi in Australia soaked up the morning sunshine on Christmas Day in Sydney Others were spotted dressed as Santa as they walked along the country's long promenades in the early morning sun on Christmas Day  Hundreds of residents sing a Christmas song and clutch torches as they wear Santa hats on Christmas Eve at a park in New Taipei city Meanwhile, Pope Francis celebrated Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. He is pictured swinging a censer in from of a statue of baby Jesus The basilica's bells rang at the start of Thursday's late-night ceremony, which is the Pope's only public Mass for Christmas Hymns were played on trumpets as Pope Francis celebrated the birth of baby Jesus ahead of Christmas Day An unusual 3D Christmas tree, decorated electronically with green, blue and pink presents, stands in the centre of New Taipei city in Taiwan It was too much excitement for one little boy in Taiwan, who was pictured yawning during one of the Christmas numbers in New Taipei city An Iranian couple take a selfie in front of a Christmas display, which includes an inflatable Santa and chimney, in central Tehran on Christmas Eve Children and adults, many sporting T-shirts, enjoy ice skating at Woolman Rink in Central Park during the unseasonably warm weather on Christmas Eve