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Si i kalojnë festat e fundvitit fëmijët e pasanikëve (FOTO)

Arkiva, Planet

Jo të gjithë kanë mundësitë që t’i kalojnë festat e fundvitit në mënyrën më të mirë të mundshme.

Por, ky nuk është rasti i fëmijëve të pasanikëve.

Ata i kalojnë këto festa në luks të plotë.

Ja disa nga fotot e tyre, të publikuara në një faqe në Instagram për fëmijët e pasanikëve


And Richard Muljadi, whose mother Kartini is one of the richest women in Indonesia, showed off the luxury watches adorning both his and his friends' wrist, with the caption 'It ain't fun unless my whole team winning'

Makeup artist and hair stylist Deniz Gunizi's new Franck Muller diamond encrusted watch, which runs upward $13,000

And it wouldn't be Christmas unless the Rich Kids of Instagram showed off their many gifts, with one showing that the only way to stay warm was a Hermes blanket and a pile of the designer's classic orange gift boxes

Some Rich Kids of Instagram were happy to spend their holidays at home including Alex Bostonian, a Los Angeles native who calls himself an international socialite and had not one but two massive Christmas trees just in the front hall of his mansion

And Made in Chelsea's Mark Vandelli put up his loafered feet in a luxurious living room in the wealthy Knightsbridge district in London

And one Rich Kid of Instagram, who refers to himself at Lord Ryan on his profile, spent his holiday at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, where rooms begin around €1,500 a night

Meanwhile Timothy Drake said he was struck away from family with the 'Palm Beach Plague', lounging in what looked to be a luxurious hallway extravagantly decorated for the holidays in the wealthy Florida town 

And Rich Kid of Instagram Jacob enjoyed a cigar at The Plaza New York, or what he dubbed his 'neighborhood dive bar', before jetting off to San Juan for Christmas vacation

Tiffany Trump, daughter of GOP presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump, spent her Christmas in New York, posing in front of a massive Christmas tree surrounded by giftsg

Corso Sestini Branca bypassed fighting for arm space and trading for the window seat with his own private first class cubicle en route to a holiday in Thailand

An exclusive flight was also the only way to fly for 19-year-old Alison Tong, who accompanied a picture of her walking on the tarmac to a private jet with hashtag 'the struggle is real'

David Yehezkel escaped the winter weather by jetting off to the luxurious Miami Bal Harbour

And Nicky Kaufman made sure to pack eight bottles of the expensive  champagne before jetting off on his vacation to the Bahamas, with his Fendi bag casually displayed in the background

Zach Rothman, son of wealthy Californian restaurateurs Harold and Wendi Rothman, skipped the airport chaos entirely and made use of his private jet, flying to Las Vegas with fellow passengers Patron and, of course, Dom Perignon