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FOTO/ Jeta e fëmijëve të pasur të shtetit islamik të Iranit

Arkiva, Stil

Nëse shikoni fotot e publikuara në Instagram, do ju falej nëse do të mendonit se Fëmijët e Pasur të Iranit jetojnë në Beverly Hills. Gjithsesi, adoleshentët e pasur që shfaqen në pishina private duke shijuar festa të çmendura janë nga Irani. Llogaria e tyre në Instafram ka fituar vëmendje botërore duke shfaqur se si është jeta për disa brenda republikës strikte islamike të Iranit. Faqja, e cila ka mbi 114 mijë ndjekës, e përshkruan veten si “Gjera që nuk duan që t’i shihni rreth Iranit”.

The Rich Kids of Tehran have amassed over 114,000 followers on Instagram thanks to their photos sharing their lavish styles in Iran 

Describing the account as the 'stuff They Don't Want You To See About Iran' the photos of the wealthy teens give a rare glimpse into the famously strict country 
The photos see young girls enjoying frolicking in pools despite strict  religious rules have required women to cover their hair and dress modestly while in public However, owners of the account say that any photos of bikinis or drinking would have been taken outside the country In one picture four young women pile into a jeep style vehicle as they enjoy the sunny weather In one photo a young woman checks her messages as she relaxes in a luxurious sports car Perhaps the most impressive car is a vintage style convertible parked on the outside of a palatial home The account was accused of being 'fake' last year when people questioned whether the photos were taken from other sources  However, owners of the account say that they are simply trying to protect the identity of those showing off their stylish lives A stylish young teen flaunts her enviable dress sense Here a group of girls in bikinis enjoy the high life drinking champagne at a pool party Surprisingly the account features the youngsters enjoying skiing holidays  The youngsters post photos from their luxurious holidays while taking part in snow sports No doubt the teens are also staying in luxurious accommodation during their snow holiday One scantily clad young women holds the Iranian flag as she parties at a music festival For many of the young women featured on the account their photos allow them to show off their fashionable purchases